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ディカフェ エチオピア シダモG4 / DECAF ETHIOPIA SIDAMO G4 (100g) 🇪🇹

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  • 豆のまま / Whole Bean

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  • 粉に挽く / Ground

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【English to follow】 カフェイン残留率を0.1%以下(EU規格)に抑え、従来の製法(液体処理法や超臨界二酸化炭素抽出法)と比較し、香りと味わいが向上 妊産婦・授乳中の方、カフェインで眠れなくなる方、健康志向の方、カフェインアレルギーの方におすすめ 特徴 モカ特有の豊かな香りとやさしい酸味が特徴 ****************************************************** ◆ 名称:スペシャルティコーヒー ◆ 原材料名:コーヒー豆 ◆ 内容量:100g ◆ 焙煎度:深煎り(フルシティロースト) ◆ 焙煎日:パッケージに記載 ◆ 保存方法:直射日光、高温・多湿を避けて保存してください ◆ 使用上の注意:開封後はお早めにお召し上がりください ◆ 販売者:Koinonia Cafe 〒981-0503 宮城県東松島市矢本字上新沼26-2 ****************************************************** This coffee has less than 0.1% caffeine (by EU standards) and is processed by the conventional method. Compared to liquid processing and CO2 processing, this results in a better aroma and flavor. Recommended for those who are nursing or pregnant, people who have difficult sleeping after drinking coffee, people with caffeine allergies, or those who want to refrain from caffeine for health reasons. Has a rich aroma, like that of mocha, and light acidity. ************************************************* ◆ Type of Product: Specialty Coffee ◆ Contents: Coffee Beans ◆ Quantity: 100g ◆ Type of Roast: Fullcity Roast ◆ Roasting Date: See Package ◆ Caution: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity. Consume before printed expiration date. ◆ Sold by: Koinonia Cafe 26-2 Kaminiinuma, Yamoto, Higashimatsushima,Miyagi 981-0503 *************************************************

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